Hi, I'm Cam.

Over the last six years, I’ve been working on Power Moves, which was one the best places for authentic and independent tech device reviews.

I bought, compared, and reviewed my favorite devices and services. The Power Moves blog gained more than four million unique views, with another two million on my YouTube channel.

During my time as a reviewer, I built a small yet loyal group of followers, but it's time to build something new that aligns more with my current interests.

web2 me vs. web3 me

I brushed Bitcoin off the first time I heard about it, then dove in deeper in 2017 and became fascinated.

I knew crypto would have other applications aside from money, but I didn't have the foresight to see what smart contracts would enable. Fast forward to 2020, I discovered NBA Top Shot, a site to collect digital collectibles (NFTs). As I did with Bitcoin, I brushed it off at first, but later concluded that NFTs will onboard millions of people into the crypto economy and change how the internet works.

I didn't come to my conclusion about NFTs quickly. It took endless hours listening to podcasts, reading through whitepapers, and scrolling Twitter. I had to rewrite my brain.

This is where the Collector Club comes in.

I want to take everything I've learned and present it in an accessible way to help onboard the next generation of NFT collectors.

What is the Collector Club?

If everything goes to plan, the Collector Club’s content (via this blog and YouTube channel) will attract a bunch of like-minded people. And together we'll collect weird shit on the internet and discover potential game-changing new apps, projects, and games (backed by crypto/web3).

I hope that the content not only resonates with new potential collectors, but people who believe in free markets, truth seeking, and self-sovereignty. These are crypto's foundational values and why I'm here.

How do we get there?

Start with the basics:

After the basics, I'll dive into specific projects, my investment thesis, licensing models, and proper crypto security.

As the content gains traction, the Collector Club Discord server will become our hub and way of interacting. Ideally, it becomes the go-to place for a small group of passionate collectors to hang out. The quality of members is much more important than quantity.

As of today, the Collector Club Discord server has 30 members (ranging from crypto veterans to people who bought their first NFT just weeks ago).

A content hub for NFT beginners and a community for collectors to hang out is a noble goal, but it doesn’t have to be the endgame. Once we’ve got a strong community, the future is open-ended.

I have a few project ideas now, but I'm not sure how fesible they are. For example, a multi-chain NFT profile organizer is much needed. I'd love to organzie my NFTs like a Pinterest borad or an old-school MySpace page, and I want it to do it with friends. People are working on this problem, but network effects are hard and no one has cracked it.

We can brainstorm other ideas as we grow. New and interesting opportunities will become obvious as the NFT world matures.

Today’s Action Items

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  2. Join the Collector Club Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QHJHZskSdj

A reminder

The Collector Club is not a get-rich-quick club. Actually, it’s the opposite. Because NFTs are so new and speculative, you’ll likely lose money if you invest. If making money is your primary motivation, just buy Bitcoin, and close your eyes for the next ten years.

But if anything above sparked an interest in you, come join us!