Flashback Machine

From your first NFT to now - see your digital evolution.

Hi, I'm Cam.

Over the last six years, I’ve been working on Power Moves, which is one the best places for authentic and independent tech device reviews.

I bought, compared, and reviewed my favorite devices and services. The Power Moves blog gained more than four million unique views, with another three million on my YouTube channel.

During my time as a reviewer, I built a small yet loyal group of followers, but it's time to build something new that aligns more with my current interests.

My Crypto Journey

I brushed Bitcoin off the first time I heard about it, then dove in deeper in 2017 and became fascinated.

I knew crypto would have other applications aside from money, but I didn't have the imagination to see what smart contracts would enable. Fast forward to 2020, I discovered NBA Top Shot, a site to collect digital collectibles (NFTs). As I did with Bitcoin, I brushed it off at first, but later concluded that NFTs will onboard millions of people into the crypto economy and change how the internet works.

I didn't come to my conclusion about NFTs quickly. It took endless hours listening to podcasts, reading through whitepapers, and scrolling Twitter. I had to rewrite my brain.

What is the Collector Club?

The Collector Club was initially designed to bring on 1,000 new NFT collectors through the "NFTs for Rookies" series, which targeted common search terms used by those who are NFT-curious. However, due to the current state of the market and other factors, this goal was not achieved. Despite this, the content should remain valuable and relevant for the next year or two, and there’s potential for renewed interest from newcomers if the market sentiment improves.

In the meantime, the focus of the Collector Club has shifted to providing resources and tools for existing NFT collectors. The goal is to launch our first tool in the spring of 2023, and to create more advanced content via this blog and the YouTube channel. This content will be geared towards those who value free markets, self-sovereignty, and truth-seeking, as these values are central to why I'm still here.

As the Collector Club grows and attracts more members, the Discord server will serve as a hub for the community, providing a place for collectors to connect and interact. While the size of the community is not the primary concern, we hope to foster a close-knit group of like-minded individuals.

Want to join our small community?

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