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If you're unfamiliar with Discord, it's similar to a Facebook group page but more organized.

Our server is 100% free to join. We'll never charge anything.

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#đź—Łgeneral: the main attraction where we talk about new NFT projects, major crypto news, speculate about the market (for fun) and debate the ethos of crypto.

#đź“štrustworthy-content: a list of reputable Twitter accounts and podcasts to enhance your crypto knowledge. The crypto community is loaded with charlatans and frauds who take advantage of newcomers. If you aren't deep in the crypto weeds, it's tough to know who's legit.

#âť“no-stupid-questions: a spot to ask anything (without judgment). Crypto can be intimidating, but I'm here to help. And selfishly, I've run out of people in real life who will listen to me rant about crypto and I'm dying talk to others (no-matter where you are in your crypto journey).

#đź’Ždapper-clubhouse: a place to discuss the NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day NFT projects. There are six of us in the server who are super passionate about collecting our favorite players' moments because it brings us back to the days of ripping packs of sports cards.

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