Collector Club NFT Access Pass

In late 2022, we released our first Ethereum NFT, a free pass limited to 1,001 editions. Over 900 of these passes are still available. To claim a pass, sign up to be a free member of our community, and we'll send follow-up email with a couple of questions about your experience with NFTs and crypto.

The purpose of the pass is to give holders full access to the Collector Club Discord server and to guarantee free lifetime access to all content produced by the Collector Club. This means if we produce a paid newsletter that covers advanced topics, pass holders get free access.

In addition, pass holders will receive early access to any projects (such as apps, tools, services, NFTs, etc.) that I build in the future. While I plan to be active in the web3 space for the next decade, I'm not sure exactly what that will look like yet. Think of the Collector Club NFT as a risk-free investment in my future.

p.s. Once all 1,001 passes are minted, each one will reveal into something cool.